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EPEIOS PC253A Wireless Mouse


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9,500 10,500 - Retail Price In Stock
6 Months Warranty

Aggregate the performance required for PC work
The multifunctional wireless mouse "PC253A" that can be used in both office work and telework in any situation supports the realization of a comfortable work environment for users.

Up to 3 units can be connected at the same time
Seamlessly switch between 3 device operations with 2.4G wireless connection and 2 Bluetooth connections.

Easy to set and switch
Once you have made simple settings, all you have to do is switch between them seamlessly.

Ergonomic design based on ergonomics fits tightly in the palm of your hand and reduces hand fatigue caused by long hours of desk work. It is safe to use home work or office work for a long time.

Type: Optical
connection interface: 2.4GHz wireless / Bluetooth 1 / Bluetooth 2 ( ( Supports 3 simultaneous connection settings)
DPI: 800/1200/1600/2400/3200 (Initial setting: 1200DPI)
Number of buttons: 6 (Left button / Right button / DPI button / Forward button / Back button / Connection mode switching button)
Scroll Wheel: 2 (Main scroll wheel / Side wheel)
Power supply: Rechargeable / Built-in lithium battery (500mAh)
Charging port: USB Micro B
Maximum continuous standby time: Approximately 36 months standard * Note 3
Maximum continuous operation time: Approximately 60 hours standard * Note 3
Operating distance: 2.4GHz Wireless maximum 20 m / Bluetooth maximum 10 m
Size: Approximately 119 x 76 x 46mm * Note 4
layers S : Approximately 128 g
Compatible models: Compatible with various PCs such as Windows / Mac / Linux * Note 5
Package Contens
Wireless mouse "PC253A" main unit
Wireless receiver (for 2.4Ghz wireless connection)
USB cable for charging (USB A to ) ) Micro B)
Instruction Manual (Japanese version)
9,500 10,500 - Retail Price In Stock