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Dell Adapter USB-C to HDMI/DP with Power Pass-Through

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7,500 In Stock
Turn your port-scarce USB-C notebook to a mobile workstation with this Dell USB-C to HDMI/ DisplayPort adapter that comes with power pass-through. Its USB-C pass-through allows you to charge your laptop up to 90W while connecting to an external 4K HDR display at 60Hz simultaneously without compromising on screen performance.

Incorporate an extra screen into your workflow by connecting either to the HDMI or DisplayPort on the combo adapter. Plug in your 4K HDR source to your adapter and get the same lifelike, impressive visuals with high color contrasts on your 4K 60Hz HDR display.

A comprehensive testing regimen ensures the ports and the connectors work each time, even with daily use. Its coaxial cable enhances signal quality, keeping connectivity and reliability absolute.

Maximum Refresh Supported : 120HZ

Windows, Chrome and Mac devices with USB-C or Thunderbolt ports.
7,500 In Stock